Kiddush lunch, Bat/bar mitzvah

Menu and pricing

Our set-up team will arrive 2 hours in advance of your event to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction.  All ordered items are displayed on platters and ready for placement onto your banquet table.  We're also there to help set-up table settings, and centerpieces.  As part of any package we will provide you with two to three servers, with a fee of $90 per server. These servers are responsible for set-up, service during your event, and clean-up once your event is over.  

Business lunch

menu and pricing

We deliver custom orders to your place of business with a minimum order of $50.00.  If you would like our delicious bagels delivered on a regular basis, we can set-up a standing order for delivery.  Please place orders 48 hours in advance, any order changes or cancellations should be made 24 hours prior to delivery.


menu and pricing

Our catering packages are delivered to you within your specified time frame.  All items are arranged on platters and ready to serve.  We have four packages to choose from but we are more than happy to accommodate any
special requests or add other items.